Planning for the Future: Advanced Care Planning at Clinica Misalud

Doctor and Patient Consultation

Advanced care planning is a crucial aspect of managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, ensuring that patients’ healthcare preferences are understood and respected. Clinica Misalud in Fontana provides comprehensive support and guidance for patients and their families through the advanced care planning process.

Why It Matters

Advanced care planning allows individuals to make decisions about the care they would want to receive if they become unable to speak for themselves. This process helps ensure that patients receive the care that aligns with their wishes and can provide peace of mind for both patients and their families.

Clinica Misalud’s Services

Clinica Misalud assists patients in navigating the complexities of advanced care planning. From the initial discussion about healthcare preferences to the completion of necessary legal documents, the clinic’s healthcare providers are there to offer support and expertise every step of the way.

Steps in Advanced Care Planning

Advanced care planning involves several key steps, including understanding your health care options, considering your values and wishes, talking with your family and healthcare providers, and documenting your healthcare preferences. Clinica Misalud guides patients through each of these steps, ensuring that their plans are clear and accessible when needed.


Advanced care planning is an essential part of comprehensive healthcare, especially for individuals with chronic conditions. Clinica Misalud in Fontana is committed to providing the resources and support needed for effective advanced care planning, helping patients and their families face the future with confidence.

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